Political Economy of Unpeopling of Indigenous Peoples - The Case of Bangladesh

Author : Abul Barkat, Professor, Department of Economics and Director, Japan Study Center, University of Dhaka

Publisher : Muktobuddhi Publication

Price : BDT 500; USD 40; GBP 30; EUR 32

ISBN : 9789843408914

Edition : First Edition

Publication Year : 1ST PUBLISHED, 2016

No of Pages : 265

Binding : Paperback

Language : English



The indigenous peoples, in an exploitation based social, economic and political environment, irrespective of time and space, have been the target of “unpeopling”. Why and how does this mechanism work? Is there any way-out of the “political economy of unpeopling”? Is it possible to fight this ‘political economy of injustice’ and ‘win the battle’? These are the key issues dealt with in this book. The author has come up with new concepts; forwarded thought provoking new ideas, new analyses, and courageously raises hard issues. Author, in his enduring effort, finally, proposes non-traditional solutions, which are extremistanic. This is, in all probability, a prescribable book for all humane development thinkers.

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