Bangladesh Land Status Report 2017 Land Grabbing in a Rent Seeking Society

Author : Abul Barkat, Asmar Osman, Gazi Mohammad Suhrawardy, Hasna Hena Shawaly, Manzuma Ahsan, Md. Waliul Islam, Muhammad Irfanur Rahman, Rahinur Bintey Rafique, Rowshan Jahan Moni, Sanjeeb Drong, Sohel Ibn Ali, Subhash Kumar Sengupta

Publisher : MuktoBuddhi Prokashona

Price : BDT 900; US$ 30; GBP 20; EUR 18

ISBN : 978-984-34-6764-5

Edition : 1st Edition

Publication Year : 1st Published 2019

No of Pages : 355

Binding : Board binding

Language : English



This book is a comprehensive political economy treatise providing substantial evidences and arguments on various dimensions of land grabbing in a rent seeking society. The broad themes of analysis include areas, such as Khas land, Char land, Enemy and Vested Property, land of indigenous peoples, land under fixed rent leasing and contract farming, women's inheritance of land, role of civil society and development partners on issues related to land-interest.

It is argued that in order to ensure rights of the poor, landless, marginal, women, and indigenous peoples in the ownership of and access to land─a necessary precondition for true human development in congruence with the spirit of our Constitution─ agrarian-land-aquarian reform is a must. This reform will certainly imply undertaking best endeavors like: distribution of Khas land and Char land to the poor and marginalized people; returning back enemy and vested property; addressing the rightful interest of the indigenous peoples; ensuring women's right to land; closing the loopholes in land laws to serve the deprived mass and so on.

It is suggested that in order to monitor the status of such reform, among others, a Land Reform Monitoring Mechanism is warranted, for which a Land Reform Development Index has been proposed. This book is a must read for all who wants to learn the essence of things related to Land and Development and are ready to participate in the process of progress mediated through agrarian reform in Bangladesh.

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