About MuktoBuddhi

Muktobuddhi Prokasana is an independent publishing house founded in 2015 by Abul Barkat, an illustrious professor of Dhaka University and Director, Japan Study Center.

Now based in Dhaka, Muktobuddhi, with a registered trade licence, has already earned fame in the world of academia. It is established to overly support the dissemination of usable knowledge and educate a global community of scholars, researchers and students across and beyond range of subject areas. It is a leading provider of academic and research books. It is professionally a high-quality content publishing house. Known for commitment to quality and innovation, it publishes books spanning wide interest in original research, academic, socio-economic, political and philosophical issues, as well as on the theoretical debates of contemporary relevance in the broader national and international field.

‘Read creative books, be enlightened’ is the spell that Muktobuddhi preaches among people. It always upholds thoughtful and progressive ideas as content of the book. It always stands and speaks for the common people. It obeys discipline, respect human rights and elevate national spirit.

Muktobuddhi is trusted for quality content created and adorned by influential minds around the world. Believing passionately that scholarship lies at the heart of any healthy society and that knowledge and education is intrinsically valuable, Muktobuddhi aims to be the world’s leading academic and professional publisher. Playing a positive role in society, Muktobuddhi hopes to attain a global scale.

Muktobuddhi is run by a team of professionally skilled personnel with high integrity. It maintains self-arrangement for marketing its publication. Besides, books are also sold through reputed distributors. Muktobuddhi is the member of Bangladesh Book Publishers Association (BAPUS) and Academic and Creative Publishers’ Association of Bangladesh (ACPAB).